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Ashtvinayak Hospital | The Best Cardiologist in Panvel

What is Cardiology?

Cardiology is a clinical forte and a part of inside medication worried about issues of the heart. It manages the analysis and treatment of such circumstances as intrinsic heart surrenders, coronary conduit infection, electrophysiology, cardiovascular breakdown and valvular coronary illness. Subspecialties of the cardiology field incorporate cardiovascular electrophysiology, echocardiography, interventional cardiology and atomic cardiology.

A cardiologist is a specialist who's an expert in heart and vein illnesses. They can treat heart illnesses and assist with holding you back from getting heart sicknesses.

Subsequent to finishing four years of clinical school, cardiologists endure three years of learning general inside medication as an occupant, in addition to no less than three additional long periods of specific preparation after that. Following 10 years of preparation, a cardiologist can take an American Board of Internal Medicine test. Indeed, even subsequent to accomplishing board certificates, cardiologists continue to learn however long they practice. They should stay aware of the most recent advances in how to get patients to give the best consideration.

Services offered at the Cardiology Center of Ashtvinayak Hospital: The Best Cardiologist in Panvel

(i) Echocardiography :

Cardiologists of our Hospital can evaluate the heart valves and blood flow pattern and access the heart size by applying A 2-D echocardiogram an ultrasound procedure of the heart using high-frequency sound waves to create a digital image of the heart’s chambers and valves. When enhanced ultrasound imaging is required a transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) can be performed, and a sterile flexible probe is passed into the patient’s oesophagus with local anaesthesia and sedation. Exquisite images of the heart are obtainable

(ii) Cardiac Stress Testing :

Treadmill stress testing evaluates the heart’s response to increased activities. This test is used to diagnose coronary artery disease, and to monitor those patients with established disease.

(iii) Electrocardiography :

An electrocardiogram (ECG) records the heart’s electrical activity to detect abnormal heartbeats or arrhythmias. An ECG can also show evidence of an old heart attack or acute cardiac problems.

The Department routinely performs

● Angiographies – Coronary, Peripheral, Carotid and Renal
● Angioplasties –Coronary, Carotid, Renal & Emergency revascularization including Primary PCI
● Balloon Mitral Valvotomy
● Balloon Pulmonary Valvotomy
● Aortic valvuloplasty
● Balloon Dilation of Co-arctation of Aorta
● Device closure & Interventions of Congenital Heart Disease
● EP Study and Radio Frequency Ablation of Various Tachyarrhythmia’s
● Temporary and Permanent Pacemaker Implantation (ICD, Bi-Ventricular Pacing)
● IVC Filter Implantation for VTE
● The average Door to Balloon time at Ashtvinayak Hospital is less than 45 minutes which is comparable to the best centres in India.

(iv) Cardiac Rehabilitation :

Cardiac Rehab is an individually planned, medically supervised program of exercise training, education, stress management and nutritional counselling. It is designed to develop and maintain a more efficient cardiovascular system and a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle. This certified program is for individuals who have experienced angina, a heart attack, or who have undergone angioplasty or coronary bypass surgery within the last 12 months.

We work with a strong vision, that is to be a provider of high-quality patient focus health care that is readily accessible, cost-effective and meets the needs of the people we serve.

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