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Our lab is well equipped with all the latest instruments & manned by trained qualified staff. All Pathological test are conducted in a lab equipped with automated Vitros 250 Biochemistry analyzer, Sysmex Hemato Logical cell counter, Nycocard, Eoogulometer, and ABG Bayer analyzer. Our Pathology staff can also visit the home of seriously ill patient Our Pathological services include pap smear examination, FNAC for any swelling and Surgical Pathological work.

Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray unit which is available in Ashtvinayak Hospital, allows the acquisition of high resolution images that can be stored and viewed on a computer on and off-site. Conventional radiology (X-ray unit) located in our Hospital, constitutes a digital imaging unit comprising of a CR – (Computerized Radiography) complete with portable and in department facilities. An added fluoroscopy unit is available for assisting various radiological procedures and imaging service is available for the patients in the critical care area.

3D/4D Sonography

Ultrasonography and Doppler unit also available in our hospital comprises the latest high-end scanner capable of assisting clinical diagnosis and image-guided interventions with the capability of 3-Dimensional and Live 4 Dimensional Imaging. These applications are routinely used in our department for the full benefit of the patient with real-life images easier for clinicians, patients, and their relatives to understand in fully digitized formats. An additional portable unit is available for bedside studies and procedures.

Computerized Stress Test/ECG

Technological enhancements of traditional diagnostic modalities such as ECG, Echocardiography, Holter monitoring and exercise stress testing complement the availability of nuclear imaging and computed tomography (CT). Scanning the full array of echocardiography procedures includes two-dimensional transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography, stress echocardiography.

2D Echo

2-D colour echocardiography with accurate imaging of the cardiac structures is also performed here.

The studies performed here can be easily procured on CD formats for long term preservation.

Multislice CT scan

Our Latest Multislice Spiral CT scan is situated on the ground floor of our hospital. This unit ensures fast and accurate imaging of various body parts including the brain, chest, abdomen, and extremities to name a few. Ultrafast scanning is obtained by quick imaging protocols keeping in mind that detailed cross-sectional views of all type of tissue are available without much delay.

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